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About Us

Himalaya Network Group is a multipurpose company designed to incorporate various businesses under one roof. The consolidation of companies enables to better serve the customers now and then and in the future by bringing together the long established resources in trade, travel and local manufacturing. It provides the international community with the very best that Nepal has to offer from textiles, handicrafts, CAD/CAM services to the tailored software development. It exports only the highest quality products and services available in Nepal.

Apart from the various services rendered to the customers, it has been specializing in International Expositions, Exhibitions, Trade Shows and Fairs with an eye to introduce Nepal to the forefronts of the world. It has been actively participating in the international events from time to time. Himalaya Network Group participated in the 23rd Osaka International Trade Fair held in Osaka in April 1998, in Matsuyama-city, Japan in Oct. 1999 and in 8th Asia Pacific International Trade fair held in Seoul Korea in Oct. 1999. It has also participated in the International California Gift Show held in Los Angles in July 1997 and July 2001. Beside these, Nepal Promotion event organized by Himalaya Network Group with support from the Royal Nepalese Embassy, Tokyo in 2001 was particularly successful. Shizuoka International Garden and Horticulture Exhibition (Pacific Flora 2004), Hamamatsu City, Japan (8th April – 11th October 2004) brought Gold Medal and Best Award.

The main objective of the company is to promote international trade, tourism and Nepalese products of excellence in the international market. It continues to serve this purpose well being chaired by the Executive Chairman, Mr. Surendra Shakya who happens to be the sole founder of all the companies under the Group.

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