1-October-2022, Sat

Himalaya Network Group

Few Words from Surendra Shakya
(Executive Chairman)

A Hearty Namaste to You All!

Thank you for visiting the new home of The Himalaya Network. We are very excited about our consolidation of companies, enabling us to better serve you now and in the future by bringing together our long-established resources in trade, travel and local manufacturing, we can better provide the international community with the very best that Nepal has to offer from textiles to software development using CAD/CAM services. We export only the highest quality products and services found in Nepal. And we are standing by just for you.

So again, we are here 25x7 to help you with your international trade, travel, or manufacturing needs...and just a click away. So I look forward to hearing from you, and may you and your family enjoy peace and prosperity this holiday season.

Sincerely Yours'
Surendra Shakya
Executive Chairman

Himalaya Network Group
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Namaste Collection
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Nepal CAD Centre
Kathmandu Software Development Center
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