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The travel branch of our network, SUI-REN Travel Pvt. Ltd. of Nepal, has been providing exciting, educational travel and tour services inside of Nepal for years. We are experts on the spectacular sites and areas of cultural significance in Nepal and throughout Asia. We specialize in Business Class travel for those trading or doing other business in Nepal, or simply taking a vacation. Currently, we are offering special rates on all packages within Asia, so contact us soon for the very best rates offered in Nepal. To find out more, please see our illustrated TRAVEL TOUR CATALOG also in JAPANESE.

The Namaste Collection Pvt. Ltd. was started in 1985 and it's mission was to provide the world with the finest quality exports from Nepal. Since then we have shipped tons of goods world-wide, and now, as part of the Himalayan Network we share resources with other exporters and manufacturers of Handicrafts, Metals, Papers, Woods, Food, etc. to bring you the very best that Nepal has to offer. So whether you or your retail business needs include the finest quality pashmina, hand-crafted jewelry, or select tea and beans from Nepal, the "Network" is here to help. For more information, please see our every growing PRODUCT CATALOG.

The quality of any goods depends on the manufacturer, and within the Himalayan Network are the very best makers of Nepali products. Our manufacturing network ranges from Textile and Handicraft factories to a Software Development house - so if you need it made, we can manufacture it. Our vendors and associates are screened for reliability, consistency, and quality and we build on your specifications precisely. And if you are a manufacturer based in Nepal, please contact us regarding becoming part of the growing family of manufacturers within our Network. To find our more about manufacturing in Nepal, see our NETWORK LISTING.

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