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What Does SUI-REN Mean?

Sui-Ren is Japanese for Lotus. It is a beautiful image growing from a murky pool. Both Buddhism and Hinduism use this flower as a symbol to show the pure heart of wisdom and compassion. That something so lovely like a lotus could grow in a muddy pond and remain stainless, siphoning out impurities to become perfect and whole.

We are Sui-Ren Travel. Our goal is to bring a worry free, smoothly run, great adventure to you and your family. Our employees are all professionally trained and speak fluent English and Japanese. We have also employed one American and two Japanese in our Kathmandu office in order to ensure Western standards for our foreign guests. Guides speaking Spanish, French, and German are available on request.

We work professionally and have experience in what we do. Our main goal is good customer service and friendly management.

We create great holidays, which, are personalized to you. Responsibility and commitment to our customers means fulfilling all requests to the best of our ability. Not only getting the job done well, but with a smile. Our professionalized service relies on teamwork, a good attitude, and we take special notice of safety, health care, and garbage disposal to protect the environment.

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